Our Professionals:

Judy Heath, MSW, LISW-CP
Psychotherapist, Co-Founder of The Life Guidance Center

For over 20 years, I have been helping patients with grief, anxiety, life balance, co-dependency issues and family-relationship concerns.  Being an author and playwright, as well as a psychotherapist, I have also helped many musicians, artists, writers and theater-people with their lives and careers.


My approach is to work collaboratively with people to achieve their goals. I consider myself a guide with many tools at our disposal. We work interactively and may even have some laughs along the way. I truly care about those who walk through my door and value the trust they place in my professional skills.


I am most known for my book, "No Time for Tears: Coping with Grief in a Busy World", and for my work with the New York City Firefighters after September 11th.  I speak and teach on Anxiety and Grief and have also written a children's book for loss of a sibling called "I Miss Matthew" (both publications available by request at your local bookstore, as well as at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.)


Finding the right therapist is essential to the success of the therapeutic process. As Co-Founder of The Life Guidance Center, I am certainly grateful to work among many of the most talented practitioners in Charleston and the surrounding areas.

To learn more, call me at (843) 735-5900, ext. 106 or visit: www.JudyHeath.com

Thomas Heath, CLC
Business Coach, Life Coach, Co-Founder of The Life Guidance Center

Every high-achiever will tell you that the path to unprecedented success comes in hiring a coach.  With a business degree from NYU, along with my life coaching certification from the Life Purpose Institute, I have successfully coached individuals and teams since 2008 on how to best achieve their goals.


My experience has been that people are more likely to reach their goals when they have clarity, strategy, accountability and someone positive to motivate them. That's what I offer when you work with me.


Through my Power Coaching sessions, I will guide you on how to set your goals, then achieve them. The results are remarkable. Don’t take my word for it though, please be sure to visit my LinkedIn profile and scroll down to read my client’s recommendations: www.linkedin.com/in/askthomasheath


With over 30 years of business experience both as an entrepreneur and in corporations, I understand what it takes to work with startups, as well as multi-billion dollar organizations. I am most known for my expertise in branding and messaging, including as a LinkedIn trainer. My online personal branding classes are extremely popular.


I am well connected with the local business community as a columnist for the Charleston Regional Business Journal, a founding member of Charleston Leaders, a community organizer for 1 Million Cups, a city host for LinkedIn Local, and I sit on the steering council for the Metro Charleston Chamber of Commerce. 


In addition, I am a guest lecturer at the College of Charleston, The Citadel, and Charleston Southern University on the subjects of branding and messaging.


Want to explore working together? Call me at (843) 735-5900, x 101 or send an email to thomasheathcoaching@gmail.com and let’s set up a time to chat.

Peggy Sudol, MS, LMFT, LMFTS
Marriage & Family Therapist, Supervisor

My areas of focus include: Anxiety, Depression, Bereavement, Relationships, Divorce and Substance Abuse.


As part of a multi-disciplinary group, I am pleased to have other skilled professional colleagues for referral of medication evaluation, acupuncture, stress management and nutritional expertise. It is such a pleasure to have other experts accessible when people are in need of specialty services.


My down-to-earth style is low key and supportive. Listening to people’s life stories for over twenty years has helped me develop a sincere sense of compassion and acceptance of our differences as human beings. Helping others discover solutions (when they doubted that solutions existed) is a rewarding experience that I never tire of sharing.


To learn more, simply call me at The Life Guidance Center: (843) 735-5900, ext. 104.

Susan Shealey, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor

Licensed Professional Counselor

It is easy to be paralyzed by strained relationships, seemingly insurmountable circumstances or hard decisions that must be made. But, I believe there are solutions available for every circumstance and that each of us has the ability to create change within own own lives.


It is with this belief that I am able to help my clients find hope. I consider it a privilege to  guide others in making positive life changes, choosing healthier behaviors and learning how to create thought patterns that allow them to make better decisions in life.


I have seen the miracles that lead to more rewarding relationships, greater satisfaction at work and lives that feel more fulfilled.


My passion for guiding others comes from many places: My own life experiences; my relationship with a God whom I believe created avenues of grace and forgiveness; and from the guidance I received from many other wonderful professionals throughout the years.


My specialties include: Anxiety, Depression, Elder Care Issues, Geriatrics, Divorce-related Issues, Pastoral Care, Faith-based Counseling and when requested, help with Personal Growth and Substance Abuse.


Transformation is at the core of my counseling here at The Life Guidance Center. Collaboratively, we work in an atmosphere that is safe, supportive and strategic towards a “healing” outcome.


To learn more, call me at (843) 810-4189 or visit metacounselingservices.com.

Bonnie Compton, APRN, BC, CPNP
Parent Coach, Child & Adolescent Therapist

I am passionate about making a difference in the lives of children and their parents. Whether it be through individual or group therapy or in my parenting classes here at The Life Guidance Center, I believe that it is possible to make changes in any family situation.


Though quite often known as “Bonnie, Your Parent Coach”, I am trained as both a child & adolescent therapist and a pediatric nurse practitioner. Outside the office, I am the radio talk show host of Wholehearted Parenting, one of the parenting experts on PBS radio’s  American Health Journal, as well as a certified facilitator in ScreamFree Parenting.


In addition to parent coaching, I have treated many children and teens with behavioral and developmental disorders and also provided therapy for families facing such issues as divorce, death and school adjustment. One of my unique offerings is based on my training as a play therapist.


We often trivialize “play” and dismiss it as something that young children do just for fun, but play therapy is one the most effective ways to work with children. Initially, it may serve to help a child feel comfortable in a session, but ultimately, play therapy allows him or her to express their true feelings through such tools clay, puppets, artwork and sand trays.

To set up a consultation, please call me at The Life Guidance Center: 843-735-5900, ext. 105. I also offer phone sessions through my coaching website: www.parentingpartners.info

Howard Held, LISW-CP

Since receiving my Masters Degree in Social Work from Hunter College in New York, I have had a professional counseling career that has spanned over 40 years. I have worked extensively with adults (both individuals and couples) who experiencing the challenges of anxiety, depression and psychosis. My specialities include: Marital discord, divorce recovery, grief & loss, employment issues and stress management.


I have a strong belief in the resilience of the human spirit and the ability of people to change.  The concepts of patience, perseverance and perspective are important aspects to my therapeutic approach. I offer these in a relaxed, supportive and interactive manner here at The Life Guidance Center, while customizing each treatment plan to meet your individual needs.


If you would like to learn more about how we can work together, simply call me at (843) 735-5900, ext. 113.

Austin O'Malley, LPC, MAC
Licensed Professional Counselor, Master Addiction Counselor

After spending over a decade as a Clinical Instructor with the MUSC Center for Drug & Alcohol Programs, I retired to focus full-time on my private practice here at The Life Guidance Center. I believe in combining the most successful models of substance abuse treatment along with general psychotherapy, while remaining flexible and open-minded to the needs of each individual client.


It is my mission is to build the self-esteem and confidence in each person that walks through my door, so they can see that change is possible when it comes to living a life in Recovery. If appropriate, I can also work with the family members of addicts and alcoholics.


I have been told my greatest strength is that I truly care about and respect the addicted individual. It was through my own journey in Recovery, that I learned the joy of helping others. This enables me to keep it real and have a deeper understanding of what the client is going through in their struggles.


In addition to Substance Abuse and Recovery, my specialties include: Anxiety, Bereavement, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Codependency, Depression, Relationship Issues, Spirituality & Trauma-focused EMDR.


To learn more about how I could be of help to you or a loved one, please call me at either my office: (843) 735-5900, ext. 109 or on my private cell: (843) 609-8694.

Trish Jeffrey, MBA, MA, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor, Equine-Assisted Therapist

Licensed Professional Counselor, Equine-Assisted Therapist

Feeling stuck? Suffering from the loss of a loved one or a major relationship? Finding the daily grind too much to bear? Lost your joy to feelings of emptiness or fear? Want to change, but can't get yourself moving? Wish there was just one person who could really understand what you're going through?


I can help you find your way through overwhelming situations… troubled relationships, trauma, losses, health problems, anxiety, depression or low self-esteem. You don't have to find your way alone; I can help you envision new possibilities and embark on a path of healing and growth.


My belief is that a meaningful connection is the foundation for change. I offer a compassionate, judgement-free, safe environment to explore. I care deeply about facilitating positive change and am fully vested in assisting my clients, and those they love, in becoming their best possible selves.


In addition to being a Licensed Professional Counselor, I am an EMDRIA-trained EMDR clinician and a certified equine-assisted therapist. A special interest of mine is helping pet families with the losses of their beloved fur babies.


To learn more about working together, please call me at The Life Guidance Center: (843) 735-5900, ext. 103.

Stephanie Sullivan, LPC, M.Ed., MAC, CHC
Licensed Professional Counselor, Master Addiction Counselor, Certified Health Coach

Licensed Professional Counselor, Master Addiction Counselor, Certified Health Coach

There are times when life seems overwhelming and answers are not appearing. I am here to help you during those difficult times. Advocating for my clients, creating a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere, and building a trusting relationship with you are my personal therapeutic goals. I feel greatest when I know I am assisting others in leading a more fulfilling life.


I have been working in the field since 2009, with experience in many diverse populations including college campuses, inpatient & outpatient treatment centers and support groups. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I utilize a Strengths-based approach, in conjunction with Motivational Interviewing Techniques, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Solution-Focused Therapy.


My specialties include: Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues, Self-Esteem, Life Transitions, Stress and Substance Abuse/Dependence.


I am also a Certified Health Coach through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. If it would be beneficial to your therapeutic goals, we can incorporate nutrition, health and wellness into our sessions at The Life Guidance Center.

To learn more about working with me, simply call my private cell phone: (843) 345-5121 or email me: S_Sullivan989@hotmail.com. I also offer evening and weekend appointments for those that need them.

Sharon Hite, CCC/SLP, M.Ed.
Speech Language Pathologist

For 30+ years, I have been passionate about working with students and adults to overcome their challenges with receptive and expressive language skills. My private practice is now mainly focused on those affected by stuttering, as well as those challenged by the speech issues presented by Parkinson’s disease. I also work closely with S.C. Vocational Rehabilitation Dept. and the Veterans Administration.


I believe that people who stutter have a voice and deserve to be heard. We all are worthy of being able to fluently express our thoughts, feelings and ideas. For some, this can be difficult. That’s why I find it especially rewarding to share in the success of my clients.


My main methodology in helping to reduce stuttering is called SpeechEasy (for more information, visit www.SpeechEasy.com) It is a combination of proven technology and techniques that we incorporate with traditional therapy. It has worked for thousands of people across the country and around the world.

I experience great satisfaction in helping those dealing with the heartache of not being able to freely express themselves. Please contact me to learn more, including possibly setting up a personal evaluation. Simply send me a confidential email at SharonHite@yahoo.com or call (843) 224-6258.

Angela McInvale, MA, LMFT, MAC
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Master Addiction Counselor

Everyone has their own unique experience of life and their own challenges.  Sometimes we get stuck in our attempts at managing those challenges. I welcome the opportunity to assist you and your family as you navigate through those stuck points so that you may enjoy more of your life.  


I specialize in family therapy, group therapy, trauma/PTSD treatment, childhood anxiety & behavioral challenges and co-dependency.


Since receiving my Masters degree in Marriage & Family Therapy from Argosy University – Hawaii in 2009, I have been trained in Prolonged Exposure Therapy and Cognitive Processing Therapy by the Center for Deployment Psychology as well as Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy from Charleston-Dorchester Mental Health.


I am committed to service and contributing to our community. To learn more, please call (843) 642-4964 or visit www.mcinvalefamilytherapy.com

Adrian Novit, PhD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Is your child or adolescent struggling with putting feelings into words, behavior problems, poor impulse control, learning challenges, anxiety, moodiness, adjustment difficulties, or social skills deficits? Do you feel like no one understands what you’re going through?


I have over 18 years of experience in providing psychotherapy and psychological assessment to children, adolescents and adults presenting with a wide range of emotional, learning, social, developmental, and behavioral challenges.


My belief is that therapy is an interactive process. I see my role as providing clients with a safe, compassionate, empowering, and non-judgmental space, so together we can discover strengths that can be applied to achieve unique client-centered solutions.


I utilize a holistic approach to consider the whole person and their unique life experiences. My therapeutic style encompasses a unique, collaborative and creative approach that includes humor, sensitivity, mindfulness, problem-solving, strategic interventions, behavior management and relaxation, as well as social and coping skills.


Some of my specialties include: ADHD, anxiety/depression, behavioral & academic challenges, autism spectrum disorders, adoption, life transitions, interpersonal effectiveness, emotional regulation, social skills, and stress management.


I would be honored to join you on your journey toward positive change and a richer, fuller, more meaningful life.    


To learn more, please contact me at (843) 410-8448

Charlie Frangos, LPC, CSAT, EMDR, RRT, CDWF
Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist

Trauma and sex addiction often go hand in hand. And where there is sex addiction, there are family members that are also likely to be traumatized. This can have everyone involved feeling stuck and confused.

As a long time recovered sex addict, I know what’s required to heal the wounds that fuel (and result from) the addiction. In my work as a counselor at an in-patient treatment center, it became clear that most addictions follow a similar pattern. So, my work with addiction includes all substance and/or behavior issues.

Some of the training and certifications that I hold include:

  • Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) specializing in healing addiction and trauma.

  • Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) specializing in hypnotherapy and counseling skills to heal trauma.

  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) specializing in healing traumas and building resilience to deal with everyday life.

  • Neurofeedback using ultra low frequency helping with trauma, addiction, anxiety and obsessive thinking (www.eeginfo.com).

In our counseling sessions, I draw from these and other processes to help clients get “unstuck.” My role is to help clients engage their inner healer. It is an honor to see people find their own path of recovery.

Understanding addiction and trauma is key to healing. My wife, Dr. Gala Gorman, and I co-authored two books and developed an online program for family members of addicts. ReachYES (www.RecoverYES.com/Reach) makes it convenient and easy to get effective information and support.

To learn more or to set up an appointment call me at 843-779-5828 or visit www.CharlieFrangos.com.

Donna M. White, LPCS, LPC, LAC, MAC, CS
Licensed Professional Counselor, Master Addictions Counselor

My intention is to create a safe, comfortable and non-judgmental environment for my clients. I am passionate about helping others help themselves and believe in focusing on solutions and not just the problems.

Since no two people are the same, sessions will be specifically tailored to meet your individual needs. I will not sit and nod, or advise you to simply “move forward”. I believe in a holistic approach to therapy and together we will not simply explore ways to change your thinking, but ways to change the way you live.

I have experience in treating a wide range of issues and disorders and specialize in the treatment of: anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, stress management, and adjustment disorders.  While I am also certified in substance abuse counseling, I currently do not see clients in this area.

Everyone is capable of change, but sometimes we can’t do it alone. My belief is with understanding, awareness, and acceptance, that change is possible.  As your counselor, I am honored to be a part of your journey.

For more information, please feel free to contact me at 843-605-1080 to schedule a free consultation.

Jeffrey G. Nigro, LISW-CP

I firmly believe in instilling each individual with the sense that our work together is about maximizing your potential by identifying & growing your skills, strengths, adaptive traits. Utilizing Cognitive Behavioral & other psychodynamic tools & techniques, my individual-centered, relationship-building approach has had positive outcomes with a wide spectrum of people who seek assistance when dealing with a variety of challenges.


My approach values the insights you have and utilizes these to help you move into active change in the present. Our relationship, uncovering and implementing new skills as well as building trust and communication are the keys to your success.


My 15 years of clinical experience include Wall Street EAP, locked psych unit, MICA Residence, 2+years running an Intensive Outpatient Program & year at MUSC outpatient clinic. All have provided me with a strong clinical background & a broad range of experience with literally thousands of clients.


You can read more about my background on my Linkedin profile page at http://www.linkedin.com/in/​ jeffreynigroliswcptherapist/ and you can follow me on Twitter at Jeff Nigro, LISW-CP@TheShrinkThinks. You may also read client reviews at HealthGrades.com. Have more questions? Just give me a call, (843) 614-7191!

Brian Ronnenberg, LPCA
Licensed Professional Counselor Associate, Holistic Based Counselor

I've been a professional counselor for more than 7 years and have seen and learned a lot in the process.
Over this time, I have learned that every person has a different definition of happiness.  We also have
different ways of getting there.  I know there are trends to why we often get stuck. Life can throw a lot
at you and we have a limit to how much we can take. 

Over my years of counseling I have worked on inpatient and outpatient hospital settings, done surf
therapy with veterans through an organization on Folly Beach, and worked with a variety of counseling
groups in Charleston and San Diego. This variety of experience has allowed me to become very
adaptable to a person’s individualized needs.

I take a holistic/wellness based approach to therapy.  This means that I believe that we are affected by
every area of our lives and they all affect one another.  From nutrition and activity, to processing our
emotions in a healthy way.  Approaching a person as a whole is how true understanding begins. 
I have a wealth of experience with stress-related disorder, addiction, and trauma. I utilize a variety of
evidence-based techniques such as mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy,
and solution focused therapy to name a few.

If you would like to make an appointment for a session or free consultation call or text me at 843-310-

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