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During unpredictable times, having someone to guide you can make all the difference. That’s why in response to COVID-19 and the importance of physical distancing, we’re now offering virtual sessions.


Whether remotely or in-person, The Life Guidance Center has 15 caring professionals on staff to support you on any challenge or goal. We have served individuals, couples, and families since 2008 and are the one of the largest facilities of its kind in South Carolina.


We won the Charleston's Choice Award for "Best Therapists" based on our experience and expertise. If you have an issue that would benefit from therapy or counseling, we have someone who can help you find answers.


Need help with your business? The Life Guidance Center has one of Charleston's most popular business coaches available to help you gain clarity and develop strategies to grow your organization.


To learn more about how we can help you, click here to send a confidential email or call (843) 735-5900. You'll be glad you did.

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Overwhelmed with anxiety? Stuck in depression? Are your relationships suffering? Our award-winning therapists can provide you with the tools you need for positive change and growth. No matter your circumstances, we can guide you to a more fulfilled life.


Have you ever thought that you could benefit from being guided by a life or business coach? Could your family thrive if they had some wisdom from a parent coach? Our certified professionals are recognized as some of the best in their field.


Looking to improve your life or business? Our professionals at The Life Guidance Center offer some of the most valuable online classes that you can experience today covering a myriad of useful topics. Want to learn about our upcoming courses?


A message from the Founders

Thank you for wanting to learn more about the professionals who practice at The Life Guidance Center. Everyone on our team has been handpicked by us not only because we feel they are some of the best experts in their respective fields but because they are caring and compassionate people.


We have watched in awe as our team has guided people of all ages, backgrounds, economic status, and sexual orientation to more fulfilled lives.

If you are experiencing challenges or looking to change your life and set new goals, then we invite you to review the Counseling and Coaching pages to learn more about our professionals on staff. We are confident you will find just the right one for you.




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Judy and Thomas

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