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Get the help you deserve with therapy for anxiety. Voted Best Therapists in Charleston, The Life Guidance Center has 10 anxiety specialists on staff who care.


With the pandemic, stress and anxiety have reached dangerous levels for many people. Are you overwhelmed with managing your life, family, and career? Are worries about money, health, and the future can be keeping you up at night? Are relationships and productivity suffering because you’re overly anxious?

You don't need to

do this alone.

Since 2008, The Life Guidance Center has helped thousands of individuals and families learn how to reduce stress and anxiety to live better lives. That’s why the readers of the Post & Courier chose us as “Best Therapists” in the Charleston’s Choice Awards.

Contact The Life Guidance Center to discuss which of our therapists and counselors could be the right match to help you with therapy for anxiety. We care about your well-being.



Symptoms of Anxiety

Do you have excessive worry about work, family, finances, health, schooling, or lack of social life? Are you experiencing any of the following when it comes to anxiety?

  • Persistent stress or nervousness

  • Frequent restlessness or irritability

  • Lack of focus or energy

  • Overeating or under-eating

  • Weight gain or loss of appetite

  • Rapid heartbeat or panic attacks

  • Physical pain or discomfort

  • Interrupted sleep or insomnia

  • Procrastination or perfectionism

  • Unpredictable decisions or emotional imbalance

  • OCD or compulsive behaviors

  • Phobias or unfounded fears

If you feel that you identify with many of the above symptoms, you may benefit from therapy for anxiety.

While stress is a normal part of life, frequent and unmanageable anxiety can seriously interfere with a person’s lifestyle. Because many people struggle with anxiety symptoms, 10 out of the 16 counselors and therapists who serve at The Life Guidance Center specialize in therapy for anxiety. 

Calm Sea
How Anxiety Therapy Works


The good news is that anxiety is treatable, and our award-winning therapists and counselors are here to help. 

When considering anxiety therapy, you might wonder about the different techniques that we use here at The Life Guidance Center. One of the most common treatments for anxiety is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT. 

This method gives a patient the tools to change their behaviors, thereby influencing or adjusting their thoughts. Thought replacement, meditation, and guided imagery are a few of the techniques used during CBT. When the patient’s negative thought and behavior patterns are changed, then they will experience less anxiety.

While CBT is the most common method of anxiety therapy, our professionals also use Insight-oriented Psychotherapy. This process helps patients gain insight about their anxiety’s roots and patterns. As the patient grows in awareness, they may learn to intervene in negative thought patterns before their occurrence. This technique helps keep the patient from spinning out in a negative cycle and allows them to stay in their current reality. 

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