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A Transformational Virtual Class

from The Life Guidance Center


Strategies that increase productivity and well-being

With the advent of the coronavirus, what are you doing to support your remote employees who are also parents? 

How do you ensure they are as productive as possible in their work with all the added stress and responsibilities?


Bonnie Compton can help you. She’s a popular parent coach and child/adolescent therapist with the award-winning Life Guidance Center.

In this 60-minute interactive talk, Bonnie provides the tools needed by your employees who are overwhelmed with parenting while trying to get their job done.


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To become a more calm and confident parent, which will decrease their stress. Less stressful parents will be more attentive to their work and therefore, more productive.

To parent mindfully and plan their day, which will improve time management and enhance the balance between work and family.

The importance of incorporating self-care into their daily routine, which will promote wellness and decrease burnout.

Be the employer who emphasizes the mental health of their team during these stressful times. You’ll also have happier and more productive employees.

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For 30+ years, Bonnie Compton has been one of America’s most trusted resources when it comes to parenting.


Her advice has appeared in The Washington Post, Mindful Parenting Magazine, Lowcountry Parent Magazine, and many podcasts.


She is a parent coach at The Life Guidance Center, winner of Charleston’s Choice Award and the author of “Mothering With Courage.”


Learn more about Bonnie at

Bonnie Compton

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